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Bettina M. Brown

Bettina M. Brown, physical therapist reveals her personal and professional experiences as a physical therapist regarding choices that make one’s personal, physical, emotional and psychological health a priority in today’s environment, that contains constant distractions and self-deprecating messages. She discusses tips and techniques that help you demonstrate your self-worth through frequent and intentional acts of self-love and care so that your body can thrive in its optimal state of well-being. She discusses how all dimensions of self-acceptance will improve your relationship with yourself, as well with others, so that you can develop deeper, more meaningful connections with friends and family that are equally fulfilling. She’ll discuss how creating effective habits and routines to attain your ideal life through habits that produce and sustain a lifestyle of health through a lens of the whole-body perspective. Walking into a room with positivity, self-respect and confidence is the best outfit that one can wear and is always in style! Hit subscribe and get ready to make choices to live a life aligned with your own light. The views presented on this podcast are those of Bettina M. Brown, MPT, CWS, CLT and are for entertainment purposes only, with no medical advice provided. For full terms and conditions please see
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