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Episode 120! Lisa E Jones on "Don't let Mental Illness Ruin Love or Kill off Relationships"

December 07, 2021 Bettina M. Brown Episode 120
In The Rising Podcast- A Health and Wellness Podcast
Episode 120! Lisa E Jones on "Don't let Mental Illness Ruin Love or Kill off Relationships"
Show Notes

Not sure how to interact or have a relationship with someone who has ADHD and/or Bipolar Disorder?  My guest today is Lisa Jones, who shares her story about navigating these waters as a parent and as a partner.

In her own words...

"  All three of my kids have either a physical or mental condition that has and will need continued treatment. My eldest, my son, in addition to diabetes, has ADHD and Bipolar disorder. Navigating with him through the world of mental illness has been a life-altering experience for me. To see first-hand the stigma, fear and dearth of services bestowed upon him and others like him has been stunning.

As a result, affecting change, spreading knowledge and giving support has become my mission.

 I am now serving on the Board of Directors of a large mental health not for profit in New Jersey, USA. I have met with politicians and influencers to affect mental health policy changes. I have started my own blog,, and I am joining podcasts to discuss the topic as well.

In addition, I have written an article on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), “The Restless Mind of ADHD” which has been published in the I Am Her magazine.

Also, I met a wonderful man a few years ago that ended up also struggling with bipolar disorder. My life has been surrounded by mental illness and I now consider myself their unsuspected champion.

 In addition to my volunteering and advocacy work, I work full-time in the Pharmaceutical industry. I have earned a Masters Degree in Urban Policy Analysis and Management as well along the way. I am a very spiritual, empathic woman as well which probably helps guide and ground me in times of adversity.

 I’m a person who learns and grows from adversity and I would like to share my methods with other like-minded people. I like inspiring and challenging people to be the very best they can be. I am teaching my daughters to be strong, independent women and I’m proud to say that they are great students as well as talented musicians. My son is also a talented percussionist. Most importantly, I teach all my kids to be givers. They have all volunteered their time to help others and organizations.

 "My kids will be my greatest legacy. "

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